Employee Communication Solutions For Employers And Their Benefit Advisors

Outcomes Delivered


Our firm’s reputation for communication has taken a leap forward since we’ve been working with Touchpoints. Employee communication is the lifeblood of healthy plans and awareness of benefit value. Touchpoints has been there every step of the way to increase our benefit value and appreciation.

The ease and clarity for our clients’ employees has been enhanced a great deal. We appreciate the positive reaction from clients. 

Thank you Touchpoints!

Dale A.


“Working with Chip and his team has solidified our agency reputation as a consultative partner for our clients. It’s impossible to have a “transactional” sale when Touchpoints is involved. We get right to the root of the client’s “why”, and how we can help support that.

The process fits perfectly in our sales process for new clients. We look at where the client is now, what solutions they are using and what success they have, and how we can build a multiyear strategy for success of THEIR initiatives, not ours.

From a practical standpoint, Touchpoints is just one more “sticky” piece of our business with our clients. It’s hard to separate out the work we do from the work Chip does, as he really presents to the client as an integral member of our team.

A few years ago, “compliance” was the buzz. Find a solution, roll it out, measure the success, etc. Now it’s “engagement” and Touchpoints is the perfect vehicle for that. 

For a modern agency serving great employers, I think this process is critical to moving beyond the traditional employer-transactional broker relationship. The Why Matters process cannot help but focus on the employer and their employees, and any time we approach the market that way, it’s a win-win for everyone. 

Lauren Y.


Chip and his team have been instrumental in upping our game! They take the time to listen to our needs and offer terrific advice and strategies. They get our world! Our clients rave about our communication materials and these services have helped us land several new accounts.

Glen G.


Working with Touchpoints has allowed us to bring a really impressive and unique solution to solve benefits communication for our clients. I think our clients see us as being able to deliver first class and cutting-edge solutions to assist in the challenge of benefits communication.

The “Why Matters” process helps each client decide what types of communication and what methods of communication are the best fit for their needs and their employees. We are able to begin with a powerful and engaging discovery process that removes the “one size fits all” approach. 

We love the flexibility Touchpoints provides. For some clients, we do some or all of the implementation; for other clients, we engage Chip’s team to do everything. Either way, our clients see our ability to deliver best-in-class communication methods is a real asset they can leverage to achieve their business goals.

The bottom line is, if you are not assisting your clients in the important role of increasing their benefits ROI with communications, you are really missing an opportunity to create value in their eyes and protect the relationship.

Gary J.