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2 Minute Overview of THE NEW POCKETPAL mobile app.


THEPOCKETPALThe original PocketPal was created 9 years ago, before the iPhone, and before Google knew that an Android wasn't from another planet!

It is a "point of care" tool that provides benefit highlights, group policy numbers, relevant websites, phone numbers and tracking tools to help employees with benefit questions when they need the information most—at the point-of-care.

The NEW POCKETPAL was developed for a new generation of benefit consumers. Our new app is the first of  its kind in our industry and will give employees and dependents access to benefit information and educational materials from any iPhone or Android device.


Engage and educate your employees on their role in keeping healthcare costs down, while elevating your employees' perceived value of your benefit programs.

Information you need at the point of care or on the go, to manage your health care.

  • Benefit Details
  • Key Documents including SPDs, SBCs, Notices, Forms, etc.
  • Educational Content
  • Links to Mobile Directories
  • Carrier Contacts
Employee Benefit Communication, ONdemand Enrollment Guide

ID Cards
Have you ever forgotten your ID Card at home? Lost it? Now you can keep your ID Cards with you at all times, and even fax or email it to your provider right from your phone.

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Discount Drug/Grocery Cards
  • For your Spouse and Dependents
Employee Benefit Communication, Enrollment Postcard and Posters

Messaging Center
Send educational material and other notifications right to your employees and their dependents.  The iPhone and Android notifications will alert your employees when new content arrives on their phones.

  • Benefit Consumer Education
  • Meeting Noticiations
  • Did You Knows?
  • Integrates with ONdemand
Employee Benefit Communication, Pocket Pal

My Info
A place to keep critical information about your health care providers and prescription drugs.

  • My Doctors
  • My Hospitals
  • My Urgent Care
  • My Prescriptions
Employee Benefit Communication, Quarterly Newsletter

Content designed to help you use your benefits better

  • Carrier Contacts
  • Health Reform Updates
  • Life Event Checklists
  • 6 Steps to Prepare for a Doctor's visit
  • How to Select a Doctor
  • And more...
Monthly Fliers

A monthly communication campaign helps build awareness of your benefits and programs throughout the year all while teaching people how to use their benefits effectively. Benefit content is available at your fingers.

Teaching employees to be smart benefit consumers doesn’t happen during enrollment but by creating an ongoing dialogue throughout the year, using multiple touchpoints written in easy-to-understand language.

Employee Benefit Communication, Monthly Fliers

Take a tour of

During the demo, we will:

- Discuss your communication needs 
- Show you a live demo of THE POCKETPAL

In order to request your demo, just fill in the form. We will get back to you within 24 hours to find a time that fits your schedule.


Get a Closer Look at THE POCKETPAL

It’s Already Built For You

Templates are already built specifically to make it easy
for your employees to find the information they need.

Employee Benefit Communication, It’s Already Built For You

Pre-populated With All The Messaging You Need

Your portal comes pre-populated with messages around the benefits and programs you offer written by our experts.

You can simply modify the content to fit the specifics of your program, or get our team of experts to do the job for you.

Employee Benefit Communication, Pre-populated with all the messaging you need

Easy to Customize With Our Intuitive Interface

Our portal is easy to populate and brand for your own company or specific employee groups within your organization.

Employee Benefit Communication, Easy to Customiz with our intuitive interface

Touchpoints Dashboard

With the Touchpoints dashboard, you can
easily manage and update multiple portals and
measure how employees are using the portal.

Employee Benefit Communication, Touchpoints Dashboard

Other Cool Features

Fresh Content

Each week Touchpoints updates the content on
the homepage with new polls, fun facts and more.

Add New Images to the Home Page

While Touchpoints ONline comes with standard images,
take your benefits portal to a new level by adding images
that represent your company.

Company Calendar

Use the ONline calendar to keep your employees
up to date on events and meetings.


ONline allows you to set the date the announcements
are to start and end on the site, so you avoid outdated
announcements or past events.

4 Trends Point to Mobile Apps


Smart Phones are Popular

60% of adults own a smart phone..


The Work Force Uses Them

On average, 78% of 19 to 50 year olds have smart phones.



College Graduates Love Smart Phones

71% of college graduates own smart phones.


Consumers are Demanding Apps

50% of mobile phone owners download apps.


Roll Out in 4 Easy Steps


Set Up

Touchpoints will provide your organization with a unique username and password. We will also train you on how to use the system.

Don’t worry, we won’t just leave you there. We are here to help you along the way.



Upload your logo, input your benefit summary information, create your benefit classes, select your color scheme and template, and then finish by adding links to your online enrollment site, payroll site, wellness site, etc.



Customize the site by editing the content, adding new pages, adding documents, creating announcements and/or calendar items, adding company-specific photos, etc.


Roll It Out!

Touchpoints will provide you with flier or email content to launch your portal. Remember - it’s a tool that people will use - if you market it. Touchpoints has ideas and strategies for you to best market your benefits portal to save you time and money.

Employee Benefit Communication, Peter F., TLG

"We have worked with them [Touchpoints] extensively, and they are fantastic. The designs are excellent, the quality is top of the line, their service and understanding is exceptional."

- Peter F., TLG