Employee Communication Solutions For Employers And Their Benefit Advisors

A single source for creating real
employee/employer connections through clear
communication for exceptional results.


Communicating WHY benefits are offered creates a REAL connection between what is good for the employee and what is good for the employer.
Our unique WHY MATTERS process nurtures and sustains sound decision making, shared accountability, and highly productive engagement.


 Employees get the benefit information they need, when and where they need it. Employers get the flexible, practical, and easily-managed solutions they need to stay ahead in a rapidly changing world.
We Create Environments Where People Love Interacting With Their Benefits


Our Mission: Maximizing Employee Benefit ROI

Touchpoints delivers communication strategies, technology, and tools designed to deliver the best possible return for every cent spent on employee benefits.


Bridging The Gap

We recognize there is a gap between the employee’s and the employer’s perception of the importance and the value of the benefits being provided. It is our job to Bridge that Gap!

You can start to Bridge that Gap NOW by taking the Why Matters Challenge


Is your Benefit ROI Normal? 


Do You Know What's Missing? 

Employees agree that benefits are confusing
and complicated to understand

The average employee spends little time trying to understand, compare,
and fully appreciate benefits plans.


Because the information they get can be difficult to find and understand. Add to the equation health care reform, higher costs, unhealthy behaviors and an HR team that doesn’t have the time or tools to help educate employees and dependents about the benefits and programs being offered.

tp-consequences-graphic.svgAn environment where employees are confused and in many cases making the wrong choices for their family. As well as benefits and programs that are undervalued because the programs and process are just too difficult to navigate.


Create Irresistible Environments Where People Love Interacting With Their Benefits

Touchpoints provides tools that help employees easily access the benefit information they need, when they need it. And they love it.

  • Easy to build out communications
  • Easy to customize
  • Awesome looking portals and materials
  • Preloaded online and print templates
  • Pricing options that fit your budget
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Engage and educate employees on their role in keeping healthcare costs down, while elevating their appreciation of the value of your benefit programs.

The POCKETPAL was developed for a new generation of benefit consumers. Our app is the first of its kind in our industry and gives employees and dependents access to benefit information and educational materials from any iPhone or Android device.

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